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Click on the thumbnails below to view photos of some of my spray paint pictures. At outdoor shows, all my paintings are for sale. All paintings are sold, painted, and delivered on site. I do indoor shows sparingly in the "off season" because I don't paint at those shows. If you would like any of these pictures, I now have my brand NEW online store available. Click on the link below to go to my store. All single pictures are sized 16"x22" and priced $30 each or 2 for $50, 3 for $70.  If you buy 3, you get 1 FREE.  
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 "Triple Hearts" - Sweetcorn Festival
- Hoopeston, IL - August 2011
 "Blue Horizon" - Apple & Pork Festival
- Clinton, IL - September 2009
 "Two Hearts - Fire" - Red Carpet Corridor Festival
- Towanda, IL - May 2009
 "Harvest Moon" - Red Carpet Corridor Festival
- Towanda, IL - May 2009
Scot England's WAND - TV, Decatur, IL interviews Nathan for the "Central Illinois A to Z" segment aired June 2009.  
 "Green Horizon" - Lincoln Art Fair
- Lincoln, IL - September 2009
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Sunset Beach
Back Country View - in other colors
Bat Signal City - also in blue or other colors
Batman and Robin
Batman Eye
Batman vs Superman
The Beatles
Big City Nights - in other colors
Big Pyramid - Blue (in other colors)
Black Marble Planet
Blue Brothers (above Chicago Skyline)
Boy Meets World
Blue Dolphins (also in other colors)
Blue Horizons
Castle of Cinderella
Chicago Skyline
The Christ
Covered Bridge
Death Star with Planet (also without planet)
Dr. Who Tardis - sky available in other colors
Drew's Home Run - plenet available in other colors
Dry as a Desert
Emerald City
Fall Trees
Forest Falls
Four in 1 Seasons - picture can also be framed upside down for other two seasons.
Fours Seasons - Fall
Fours Seasons - Spring
Fours Seasons - Summer
Fours Seasons - Winter
Golden Clipper
Howling at the Moon (also in other colors)
Japanese Falls (also available in other colors)
Killer Whales
Kirk & Spock from original Star Trek series
Lime Pyramids (also in other colors)
Man of Superness
Moons's View
Mt. Hood Winter
Never Forget (Twin Towers pre 9-1-1
Oregon Sunset (also in blue)
Patriotic Planets
Planet Earth
The Punisher - available in other background/foreground colors
Rainbow Heart
Purple Mountain Majesty
Rocky Mountain Morning
Seattle Skyline (also in Seahawks sky color)
Setting Planets (also in other colors)
Sky Window (also in other colors)
Sky Window - Blue (alternative) - in other colors
Sky Window - Heart (also in other colors)
Spiderman in Action
Spiderman Swing
Spider Web
Spidey Eye - planet/water/city can be done in other colors
Sponge of Bob
Star Wars - BB8
Star Wars - Hans Solo
Star Wars  - Luke Skywalker
Star Wars - Stormtrooper
Star Wars - Yoda
Starship Enterprise
Starship Enterprise vs. Borg Cube
Sunset Cliff
Sunset Clipper
Sunset Waterfall (also available in other colors)
Through the Woods
Triple Planet - Black & White (also in other colors)
Three Crosses (also in other colors)
Two Hearts -pink (also available in other colors)
Watermelon Pyramids
White Moon Rising
Why So Serious (Heath Ledger Joker)
Wild Horses
Windmill Sunset - sunset in other colors
 Celebration of Arts, Eastern Illinois University
- Charleston, IL - video by Jordana  Wright - April 2011
 Decatur Celebration interview
- Decatur, IL - Herald & Review online (Decatur, IL) - August 2011
 "Heart" - Indiana Covered Bridge Festival
- Mansfield, IN - October 2013
 "Heart" from spectator perspective - Indiana Covered Bridge Festival
- Mansfield, IN - October 2013
 "Mountain Landscape" - Indiana Covered Bridge Festival
- Mansfield, IN - October 2013
 Paula Sands LIVE interview - KWQC Television
- Davenport, IA - Beaux Arts Fair segment - aired May 2017